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AcceptMutex default|method
複数の子プロセスがネットワークソケットでリクエストを accept しようとしているときに、Apache がそれらの子プロセスを直列化するために使う方法

AcceptPathInfo On|Off|Default

AccessFileName filename [filename] ...

Action action-type cgi-script
特定のハンドラやコンテントタイプに対して CGI を実行するように設定

AddAlt string file [file] ...

AddAltByEncoding string MIME-encoding [MIME-encoding] ...
アイコンの代わりに表示される、MIME 符号化方法で選択された代替テキスト

AddAltByType string MIME-type [MIME-type] ...
アイコンの代わりに表示される、MIME タイプで選択された代替テキスト

AddCharset charset extension [extension] ...

AddDefaultCharset On|Off|charset

AddDescription string file [file] ...

AddEncoding MIME-enc extension [extension] ...

AddHandler handler-name extension [extension] ...

AddIcon icon name [name] ...

AddIconByEncoding icon MIME-encoding [MIME-encoding] ...
ファイルに表示するアイコンを MIME 符号化方法で選択

AddIconByType icon MIME-type [MIME-type] ...
ファイルの隣に表示するアイコンを MIME タイプによって選択

AddInputFilter filter[;filter...] extension [extension] ...
ファイルの拡張子をクライアントのリクエストを処理する フィルタにマップする

AddLanguage MIME-lang extension [extension] ...

AddModuleInfo module-name string
server-info ハンドラにより表示されるモジュールの情報に追加の情報を付け加える

AddOutputFilter filter[;filter...] extension [extension] ...
ファイル名の拡張子をサーバからの応答を処理するフィルタに マップする

AddOutputFilterByType filter[;filter...] MIME-type [MIME-type] ...
MIME-type に出力フィルタを割り当てる

AddType MIME-type extension [extension] ...

Alias URL-path file-path|directory-path
URL をファイルシステムの位置にマップする

AliasMatch regex file-path|directory-path
正規表現を使って URL をファイルシステムの位置にマップする

Allow from all|host|env=env-variable [host|env=env-variable] ...

AllowCONNECT port [port] ...
Ports that are allowed to CONNECT through the proxy

AllowEncodedSlashes On|Off
URL 中の符号化されたパス分離文字が先に伝えられるのを許可するかどうかを決定する

AllowOverride All|None|directive-type [directive-type] ...
.htaccess で許可されるディレクティブの種類

Anonymous user [user] ...
Specifies userIDs that are allowed access without password verification

Anonymous_Authoritative On|Off
Configures if authorization will fall-through to other methods

Anonymous_LogEmail On|Off
Sets whether the password entered will be logged in the error log

Anonymous_MustGiveEmail On|Off
Specifies whether blank passwords are allowed

Anonymous_NoUserID On|Off
Sets whether the userID field may be empty

Anonymous_VerifyEmail On|Off
Sets whether to check the password field for a correctly formatted email address

AssignUserID user-id group-id
Tie a virtual host to a user and group ID

AuthAuthoritative On|Off

AuthDBMAuthoritative On|Off
Sets whether authentication and authorization will be passed on to lower level modules

AuthDBMGroupFile file-path
Sets the name of the database file containing the list of user groups for authentication

Sets the type of database file that is used to store passwords

AuthDBMUserFile file-path
Sets thename of a database file containing the list of users and passwords for authentication

AuthDigestAlgorithm MD5|MD5-sess
Selects the algorithm used to calculate the challenge and response hases in digest authentication

AuthDigestDomain URI [URI] ...
URIs that are in the same protection space for digest authentication

AuthDigestFile file-path
Location of the text file containing the list of users and encoded passwords for digest authentication

AuthDigestGroupFile file-path
Name of the text file containing the list of groups for digest authentication

AuthDigestNcCheck On|Off
Enables or disables checking of the nonce-count sent by the server

AuthDigestNonceFormat format
Determines how the nonce is generated

AuthDigestNonceLifetime seconds
How long the server nonce is valid

AuthDigestQop none|auth|auth-int [auth|auth-int]
Determines the quality-of-protection to use in digest authentication

AuthDigestShmemSize size
The amount of shared memory to allocate for keeping track of clients

AuthGroupFile file-path

AuthLDAPAuthoritative on|off
Prevent other authentication modules from authenticating the user if this one fails

AuthLDAPBindDN distinguished-name
Optional DN to use in binding to the LDAP server

AuthLDAPBindPassword password
Password used in conjuction with the bind DN

AuthLDAPCharsetConfig file-path
Language to charset conversion configuration file

AuthLDAPCompareDNOnServer on|off
Use the LDAP server to compare the DNs

AuthLDAPDereferenceAliases never|searching|finding|always
When will the module de-reference aliases

AuthLDAPEnabled on|off
Turn on or off LDAP authentication

AuthLDAPFrontPageHack on|off
Allow LDAP authentication to work with MS FrontPage

AuthLDAPGroupAttribute attribute
LDAP attributes used to check for group membership

AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN on|off
Use the DN of the client username when checking for group membership

AuthLDAPRemoteUserIsDN on|off
Use the DN of the client username to set the REMOTE_USER environment variable

AuthLDAPUrl url
URL specifying the LDAP search parameters

AuthName auth-domain
HTTP 認証の認可領域 (訳注: realm)

AuthType Basic|Digest

AuthUserFile file-path

BrowserMatch regex [!]env-variable[=value] [[!]env-variable[=value]] ...
HTTP User-Agent に基づいて環境変数を設定する

BrowserMatchNoCase regex [!]env-variable[=value] [[!]env-variable[=value]] ...
HTTP User-Agent に基づいて大文字小文字を区別せずに環境変数を設定する

BS2000Account account
BS2000 での非特権アカウントを定義する

CacheDefaultExpire seconds
The default duration to cache a document when no expiry date is specified.

CacheDirLength length
The number of characters in subdirectory names

CacheDirLevels levels
The number of levels of subdirectories in the cache.

CacheDisable url-string
Disable caching of specified URLs

CacheEnable cache_type url-string
Enable caching of specified URLs using a specified storage manager

CacheExpiryCheck On|Off
Indicates if the cache observes Expires dates when seeking files

CacheFile file-path [file-path] ...
Cache a list of file handles at startup time

CacheForceCompletion Percentage
Percentage of document served, after which the server will complete caching the file even if the request is cancelled.

CacheGcClean hours url-string
The time to retain unchanged cached files that match a URL

CacheGcDaily time
The recurring time each day for garbage collection to be run. (24 hour clock)

CacheGcInterval hours
The interval between garbage collection attempts.

CacheGcMemUsage KBytes
The maximum kilobytes of memory used for garbage collection

CacheGcUnused hours url-string
The time to retain unreferenced cached files that match a URL.

CacheIgnoreCacheControl On|Off
Ignore the fact that the client requested the content not be cached.

CacheIgnoreHeaders header-string [header-string] ...
Do not store the given HTTP header(s) in the cache.

CacheIgnoreNoLastMod On|Off
Ignore the fact that a response has no Last Modified header.

CacheLastModifiedFactor float
The factor used to compute an expiry date based on the LastModified date.

CacheMaxExpire seconds
The maximum time in seconds to cache a document

CacheMaxFileSize bytes
The maximum size (in bytes) of a document to be placed in the cache

CacheMinFileSize bytes
The minimum size (in bytes) of a document to be placed in the cache

CacheNegotiatedDocs On|Off

CacheRoot directory
The directory root under which cache files are stored

CacheSize KBytes
The maximum amount of disk space that will be used by the cache in KBytes

CacheTimeMargin ?
The minimum time margin to cache a document

CGIMapExtension cgi-path .extension
CGI スクリプトのインタープリタの位置を調べるための手法

CharsetDefault charset
Charset to translate into

CharsetOptions option [option] ...
Configures charset translation behavior

CharsetSourceEnc charset
Source charset of files

CheckSpelling on|off
spelling モジュールを使用するようにする

ChildPerUserID user-id group-id num-children
Specify user ID and group ID for a number of child processes

ContentDigest On|Off
Content-MD5 HTTP 応答ヘッダの生成を有効にする

CookieDomain domain
The domain to which the tracking cookie applies

CookieExpires expiry-period
Expiry time for the tracking cookie

CookieLog filename

CookieName token
Name of the tracking cookie

CookieStyle Netscape|Cookie|Cookie2|RFC2109|RFC2965
Format of the cookie header field

CookieTracking on|off
Enables tracking cookie

CoreDumpDirectory directory
Apache がコアダンプする前に移動を試みるディレクトリ

CustomLog file|pipe format|nickname [env=[!]environment-variable]

Dav On|Off|provider-name
WebDAV HTTP メソッドを有効にします

DavDepthInfinity on|off
PROPFIND, Depth: Infinity リクエストを許可します

DavLockDB file-path
DAV ロックデータベースの位置

DavMinTimeout seconds
サーバが DAV リソースのロックを維持する最小時間です。

DefaultIcon url-path

DefaultLanguage MIME-lang

DefaultType MIME-type
サーバがコンテントタイプを決定できないときに送られる MIME コンテントタイプ

DeflateBufferSize value
zlib が一度に圧縮する塊の大きさ

DeflateCompressionLevel value

DeflateFilterNote [type] notename

DeflateMemLevel value
zlib が圧縮に使うメモリのレベルを指定

DeflateWindowSize value
Zlib の圧縮用ウィンドウの大きさ

Deny from all|host|env=env-variable [host|env=env-variable] ...

<Directory directory-path> ... </Directory>

DirectoryIndex local-url [local-url] ...

<DirectoryMatch regex> ... </DirectoryMatch>

DirectorySlash On|Off

DocumentRoot directory-path

DumpIOInput On|Off
Dump all input data to the error log

DumpIOOutput On|Off
Dump all output data to the error log

EnableExceptionHook On|Off

EnableMMAP On|Off

EnableSendfile On|Off
ファイルのクライアントへの配送時にカーネルの sendfile サポートを使うかどうか

ErrorDocument error-code document

ErrorLog file-path|syslog[:facility]

Demonstration directive to illustrate the Apache module API

ExpiresActive On|Off
Expires ヘッダの生成を有効にする

ExpiresByType MIME-type seconds
MIME タイプによって設定される Expires ヘッダの値

ExpiresDefault seconds

ExtendedStatus On|Off

ExtFilterDefine filtername parameters
Define an external filter

ExtFilterOptions option [option] ...
Configure mod_ext_filter options

FileETag component ...
ETag HTTP 応答ヘッダを作成するために使用されるファイルの属性

<Files filename>... </Files>

FilesMatch regex>... /FilesMatch>

ForceLanguagePriority None|Prefer|Fallback [Prefer|Fallback]

ForceType MIME-type|None
すべてのマッチするファイルが指定の MIME コンテントタイプで送られるようにする

ForensicLog filename|pipe
Sets filename of the forensic log

Group unix-group

Header [condition] set|append|add|unset|echo header [value] [env=[!]variable]
Configure HTTP response headers

HeaderName filename

HostnameLookups On|Off|Double
クライアントの IP アドレスの DNS ルックアップを有効にする

IdentityCheck On|Off
リモートユーザの RFC1413 によるアイデンティティのロギングを有効にする

<IfDefine [!]parameter-name>... </IfDefine>

<IfModule [!]module-name>... </IfModule>

<IfVersion [[!]operator] version>... </IfVersion>

ImapBase map|referer|URL
Default base for imagemap files

ImapDefault error|nocontent|map|referer|URL
Default action when an imagemap is called with coordinates that are not explicitly mapped

ImapMenu none|formatted|semiformatted|unformatted
Action if no coordinates are given when calling an imagemap

Include file-path|directory-path

IndexIgnore file [file] ...

IndexOptions [+|-]option [[+|-]option] ...

IndexOrderDefault Ascending|Descending Name|Date|Size|Description

ISAPIAppendLogToErrors on|off
Record HSE_APPEND_LOG_PARAMETER requests from ISAPI extensions to the error log

ISAPIAppendLogToQuery on|off
Record HSE_APPEND_LOG_PARAMETER requests from ISAPI extensions to the query field

ISAPICacheFile file-path [file-path] ...
ISAPI .dll files to be loaded at startup

ISAPIFakeAsync on|off
Fake asynchronous support for ISAPI callbacks

ISAPILogNotSupported on|off
Log unsupported feature requests from ISAPI extensions

ISAPIReadAheadBuffer size
Size of the Read Ahead Buffer sent to ISAPI extensions

KeepAlive On|Off
HTTP の持続的な接続を有効にする

KeepAliveTimeout seconds

LanguagePriority MIME-lang [MIME-lang] ...
クライアントが優先度を示さなかったときの言語の variant の優先度を指定

LDAPCacheEntries number
Maximum number of entries in the primary LDAP cache

LDAPCacheTTL seconds
Time that cached items remain valid

LDAPConnectionTimeout seconds
Specifies the socket connection timeout in seconds

LDAPOpCacheEntries number
Number of entries used to cache LDAP compare operations

LDAPOpCacheTTL seconds
Time that entries in the operation cache remain valid

LDAPSharedCacheFile directory-path/filename
Sets the shared memory cache file

LDAPSharedCacheSize bytes
Size in bytes of the shared-memory cache

LDAPTrustedCA directory-path/filename
Sets the file containing the trusted Certificate Authority certificate or database

LDAPTrustedCAType type
Specifies the type of the Certificate Authority file

<Limit method [method] ... >... </Limit>
囲いの中にあるアクセス制御の適用を特定の HTTP メソッドのみに制限する

<LimitExcept method [method] ... >... </LimitExcept>
指定されたもの以外の HTTP メソッドにアクセス制御を制限する

LimitInternalRecursion number [number]

LimitRequestBody bytes
クライアントから送られる HTTP リクエストのボディの総量を制限する

LimitRequestFields number
クライアントからの HTTP リクエストのヘッダフィールドの数を制限する

LimitRequestFieldsize bytes
クライアントからの HTTP リクエストのヘッダのサイズを制限する

LimitRequestLine bytes
クライアントからの HTTP リクエスト行のサイズを制限する

LimitXMLRequestBody bytes
XML 形式のリクエストのボディのサイズを制限する

Listen [IP-address:]portnumber
サーバが listen するIP アドレスとポート番号

ListenBacklog backlog

LoadFile filename [filename] ...

LoadModule module filename

<Location URL-path|URL>... </Location>
囲んだディレクティブをマッチする URL のみに適用

<LocationMatch regex>... </LocationMatch>
囲んだディレクティブを正規表現にマッチする URL のみに適用

LockFile filename

LogFormat format|nickname [nickname]

LogLevel level
ErrorLog の冗長性を制御する

MaxClients number

MaxKeepAliveRequests number

MaxMemFree KBytes
free() が呼ばれない限り、主メモリアロケータが保持し続けられるメモリの最大量

MaxRequestsPerChild number

MaxRequestsPerThread number
Limit on the number of requests that an individual thread will handle during its life

MaxSpareServers number

MaxSpareThreads number

MaxThreads number
Set the maximum number of worker threads

MaxThreadsPerChild number
Maximum number of threads per child process

MCacheMaxObjectCount value

MCacheMaxObjectSize bytes
キャッシュに保管できるドキュメントの最大サイズ (バイト)

MCacheMaxStreamingBuffer size_in_bytes

MCacheMinObjectSize bytes
キャッシュに保管されるドキュメントの最小サイズ (バイト)

MCacheRemovalAlgorithm LRU|GDSF

MCacheSize KBytes

MetaDir directory
Name of the directory to find CERN-style meta information files

MetaFiles on|off
Activates CERN meta-file processing

MetaSuffix suffix
File name suffix for the file containg CERN-style meta information

MimeMagicFile file-path
Enable MIME-type determination based on file contents using the specified magic file

MinSpareServers number

MinSpareThreads number

MMapFile file-path [file-path] ...
Map a list of files into memory at startup time

ModMimeUsePathInfo On|Off
path_info コンポーネントをファイル名の一部として扱うように mod_mime に通知する

MultiviewsMatch Any|NegotiatedOnly|Filters|Handlers [Handlers|Filters]
MultiViews でのマッチングの検索に含ませるファイルのタイプを指定する

NameVirtualHost addr[:port]
名前ベースのバーチャルホストのための IP アドレスを指定

NoProxy host [host] ...
Hosts, domains, or networks that will be connected to directly

NumServers number
Total number of children alive at the same time

NWSSLTrustedCerts filename [filename] ...
List of additional client certificates

NWSSLUpgradeable [IP-address:]portnumber
Allows a connection to be upgraded to an SSL connection upon request

Options [+|-]option [[+|-]option] ...

Order ordering
デフォルトのアクセス可能な状態と、Allow と Deny が評価される順番を制御する

PassEnv env-variable [env-variable] ...

PidFile filename
デーモンのプロセス ID をサーバが記録するためのファイル

ProtocolEcho On|Off

<Proxy wildcard-url>...</Proxy>
Container for directives applied to proxied resources

ProxyBadHeader IsError|Ignore|StartBody
Determines how to handle bad header lines in a response

ProxyBlock *|word|host|domain [word|host|domain] ...
Words, hosts, or domains that are banned from being proxied

ProxyDomain Domain
Default domain name for proxied requests

ProxyErrorOverride On|Off
Override error pages for proxied content

ProxyFtpDirCharset character set
Define the character set for proxied FTP listings

ProxyIOBufferSize bytes
Determine size of internal data throughput buffer

<ProxyMatch regex>...</ProxyMatch>
Container for directives applied to regular-expression-matched proxied resources

ProxyMaxForwards number
Maximium number of proxies that a request can be forwarded through

ProxyPass [path] !|url
Maps remote servers into the local server URL-space

ProxyPassReverse [path] url
Adjusts the URL in HTTP response headers sent from a reverse proxied server

ProxyPreserveHost On|Off
Use incoming Host HTTP request header for proxy request

ProxyReceiveBufferSize bytes
Network buffer size for proxied HTTP and FTP connections

ProxyRemote match remote-server
Remote proxy used to handle certain requests

ProxyRemoteMatch regex remote-server
Remote proxy used to handle requests matched by regular expressions

ProxyRequests On|Off
Enables forward (standard) proxy requests

ProxyTimeout seconds
Network timeout for proxied requests

ProxyVia On|Off|Full|Block
Information provided in the Via HTTP response header for proxied requests

ReadmeName filename

Redirect [status] URL-path URL
クライアントが違う URL を取得するように外部へのリダイレクトを送る

RedirectMatch [status] regex URL
現在の URL への正規表現のマッチにより外部へのリダイレクトを送る

RedirectPermanent URL-path URL
クライアントが違う URL を取得するように外部への永久的なリダイレクトを送る

RedirectTemp URL-path URL
クライアントが違う URL を取得するように外部への一時的なリダイレクトを送る

RemoveCharset extension [extension] ...

RemoveEncoding extension [extension] ...

RemoveHandler extension [extension] ...

RemoveInputFilter extension [extension] ...

RemoveLanguage extension [extension] ...

RemoveOutputFilter extension [extension] ...

RemoveType extension [extension] ...

RequestHeader set|append|add|unset header [value [env=[!]variable]]
Configure HTTP request headers

Require entity-name [entity-name] ...

RewriteBase URL-path
Sets the base URL for per-directory rewrites

RewriteCond TestString CondPattern
Defines a condition under which rewriting will take place

RewriteEngine on|off
Enables or disables runtime rewriting engine

RewriteLock file-path
Sets the name of the lock file used for RewriteMap synchronization

RewriteLog file-path
Sets the name of the file used for logging rewrite engine processing

RewriteLogLevel Level
Sets the verbosity of the log file used by the rewrite engine

RewriteMap MapName MapType:MapSource
Defines a mapping function for key-lookup

RewriteOptions Options
Sets some special options for the rewrite engine

RewriteRule Pattern Substitution
Defines rules for the rewriting engine

RLimitCPU seconds|max [seconds|max]
Apache の子プロセスから起動されたプロセスの CPU 消費量を制限する

RLimitMEM bytes|max [bytes|max]
Apache の子プロセスから起動されたプロセスのメモリ消費量を制限する

RLimitNPROC number|max [number|max]
Apache の子プロセスから起動されたプロセスが起動するプロセスの数を制限する

Satisfy Any|All

ScoreBoardFile file-path

Script method cgi-script
特定のリクエストメソッドに対して CGI スクリプトを実行するように設定

ScriptAlias URL-path file-path|directory-path
URL をファイルシステムの位置へマップし、マップ先を CGI スクリプトに指定

ScriptAliasMatch regex file-path|directory-path
URL を正規表現を使ってファイルシステムの位置へマップし、マップ先を CGI スクリプトに指定

ScriptInterpreterSource Registry|Registry-Strict|Script
CGI スクリプトのインタープリタの位置を調べるための手法

ScriptLog file-path
CGI スクリプトのエラーログファイルの場所

ScriptLogBuffer bytes
スクリプトログに記録される PUT や POST リクエストの内容の上限

ScriptLogLength bytes
CGI スクリプトのログファイルの大きさの上限

ScriptSock file-path
CGI デーモンとの通信に使われるソケットの名前

SecureListen [IP-address:]portnumber Certificate-Name [MUTUAL]
Enables SSL encryption for the specified port

SendBufferSize bytes
TCP バッファサイズ

ServerAdmin email-address

ServerAlias hostname [hostname] ...

ServerLimit number

ServerName fully-qualified-domain-name[:port]

ServerPath URL-path
非互換のブラウザが名前ベースのバーチャルホストにアクセスしたときのための互換用 URL パス名

ServerRoot directory-path

ServerSignature On|Off|EMail

ServerTokens Major|Minor|Min[imal]|Prod[uctOnly]|OS|Full
Server HTTP 応答ヘッダを設定する

SetEnv env-variable value

SetEnvIf attribute regex [!]env-variable[=value] [[!]env-variable[=value]] ...

SetEnvIfNoCase attribute regex [!]env-variable[=value] [[!]env-variable[=value]] ...

SetHandler handler-name|None

SetInputFilter filter[;filter...]
クライアントのリクエストや POST の入力を処理するフィルタを設定する

SetOutputFilter filter[;filter...]

SSIEndTag tag
include 要素を終了させる文字列

SSIErrorMsg message
include 要素を開始する文字列

SSITimeFormat formatstring
未定義の変数が echo されたときに表示される文字列

SSLCACertificateFile file-path
File of concatenated PEM-encoded CA Certificates for Client Auth

SSLCACertificatePath directory-path
Directory of PEM-encoded CA Certificates for Client Auth

SSLCARevocationFile file-path
File of concatenated PEM-encoded CA CRLs for Client Auth

SSLCARevocationPath directory-path
Directory of PEM-encoded CA CRLs for Client Auth

SSLCertificateChainFile file-path
File of PEM-encoded Server CA Certificates

SSLCertificateFile file-path
Server PEM-encoded X.509 Certificate file

SSLCertificateKeyFile file-path
Server PEM-encoded Private Key file

SSLCipherSuite cipher-spec
Cipher Suite available for negotiation in SSL handshake

SSLEngine on|off
SSL Engine Operation Switch

SSLMutex type
Semaphore for internal mutual exclusion of operations

SSLOptions [+|-]option ...
Configure various SSL engine run-time options

SSLPassPhraseDialog type
Type of pass phrase dialog for encrypted private keys

SSLProtocol [+|-]protocol ...
Configure usable SSL protocol flavors

SSLProxyCACertificateFile file-path
File of concatenated PEM-encoded CA Certificates for Remote Server Auth

SSLProxyCACertificatePath directory-path
Directory of PEM-encoded CA Certificates for Remote Server Auth

SSLProxyCARevocationFile file-path
File of concatenated PEM-encoded CA CRLs for Remote Server Auth

SSLProxyCARevocationPath directory-path
Directory of PEM-encoded CA CRLs for Remote Server Auth

SSLProxyCipherSuite cipher-spec
Cipher Suite available for negotiation in SSL proxy handshake

SSLProxyEngine on|off
SSL Proxy Engine Operation Switch

SSLProxyMachineCertificateFile filename
File of concatenated PEM-encoded client certificates and keys to be used by the proxy

SSLProxyMachineCertificatePath directory
Directory of PEM-encoded client certificates and keys to be used by the proxy

SSLProxyProtocol [+|-]protocol ...
Configure usable SSL protocol flavors for proxy usage

SSLProxyVerify level
Type of remote server Certificate verification

SSLProxyVerifyDepth number
Maximum depth of CA Certificates in Remote Server Certificate verification

SSLRandomSeed context source [bytes]
Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) seeding source

SSLRequire expression
Allow access only when an arbitrarily complex boolean expression is true

Deny access when SSL is not used for the HTTP request

SSLSessionCache type
Type of the global/inter-process SSL Session Cache

SSLSessionCacheTimeout seconds
Number of seconds before an SSL session expires in the Session Cache

SSLUserName varname
Variable name to determine user name

SSLVerifyClient level
Type of Client Certificate verification

SSLVerifyDepth number
Maximum depth of CA Certificates in Client Certificate verification

StartServers number

StartThreads number

SuexecUserGroup User Group
CGI プログラムのユーザパーミッション、グループパーミッション

ThreadLimit number

ThreadsPerChild number

ThreadStackSize number
Determine the stack size for each thread

TimeOut seconds

TransferLog file|pipe

TypesConfig file-path
mime.types ファイルの位置

UnsetEnv env-variable [env-variable] ...

UseCanonicalName On|Off|Dns

User unix-userid
リクエストに応答する際に用いるユーザ ID

UserDir directory-filename

VirtualDocumentRoot interpolated-directory|none
Dynamically configure the location of the document root for a given virtual host

VirtualDocumentRootIP interpolated-directory|none
Dynamically configure the location of the document root for a given virtual host

<VirtualHost addr[:port] [addr[:port]] >.. </VirtualHost>
特定のホスト名や IP アドレスのみに適用されるディレクティブを囲む

VirtualScriptAlias interpolated-directory|none
Dynamically configure the location of the CGI directory for a given virtual host

VirtualScriptAliasIP interpolated-directory|none
Dynamically configure the location of the cgi directory for a given virtual host

ネットワーク接続の受け付けに accept() をAcceptEx の代わりに使う

XBitHack on|off|full
実行ビットが設定されたファイルの SSI ディレクティブを解析する







Apache .htaccess設定例

Apache VirtualHost設定


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